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Introducing the TRBWA Portal

The TRBWA has created a new login for applicants and currently registered teachers to provide a more efficient online application process that allows an applicant to upload supporting evidence and complete the entire process for most application types online.

The TRBWA Portal will enable you to view, update, and manage aspects of your teacher registration and access online application forms.

Gaining access to the New Portal

If you are a currently registered teacher, you will need to apply for portal access using the Portal Access Request button on the TRBWA Portal page.

You will need your teacher registration number and the email address previously provided to the TRBWA.

If you are unsure of the email address you previously provided to the TRBWA, please contact the TRBWA by email (info@trb.wa.gov.au) or by telephone (08 9230 0600) or 1300 652 911. If you are unsure of your teacher registration number, you can search the Register of Teachers for this number.

To go to the TRBWA Portal select the button below.

TRBWA Portal

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